A Different Presentation

Matthew wanted to get away from the traditional way charcoal art is represented, behind matting, glass and a frame. After experimenting with cradled wood panels, Matthew found the unique and original presentation he was looking for.

Each side of the panel is finished with layers of black paint to give a clean look in the eventual float frame it will be displayed in.

Uniquely Tinted

Acetone is then sprayed on the panel, leaving behind unique spots once graphite is gently applied. The use of sandpaper is then implemented to distress the panel.

The background is then left black and white while the foreground object is tinted with color.

The Finishing Touch

Each piece is then finished off with a few layers of Gamvar gloss varnish, this will preserve the work and does not require glass once dry.

Depending on the subject matter, resin may be added to give it a little extra depth and wet look!

The work is now ready for display!